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Teachyourselfsinging is a website and online community dedicated to helping you to become more musical.
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In this website,you will find our full tips and exercise and lessons to learn singing voice online and we will show you
how to sing a song perfectly and improving your singing voice to become a better singer,
Teachyourselfsinging is the easy,fast and fun way to become an amazing singer.
We have pianists, guitarists, bassists, percussionists, string players, wind and brass players, singers… you name it!

Throughout your training you are supported by the community and expert team at teachyourselfsinging,
to ensure that you never need to feel stuck or unsure of how to continue making progress.

Teachyourselfsinging has been created by our Music teachers, a London music education technology company,
dedicated to helping people become more musical.
Since 2012 over one million musicians worldwide have improved their musical skills with teachyourselfsinging
innovative range of apps, eBooks,lessons,tips and training albums.

How Will teachyourselfsinging Help You?

-Better Vocal Control
-Develop More Accurate Pitch
-Improve Vocal Tone
-Improved Vocal Power
-More Precise Vocal Agility
-Develop Your Mix Voice
-Increase Your Vocal Range
-Learn Advanced Singing Techniques

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