How do you know if you are a good singer?

How do you know if you are a good singer?

How to Become a Good Singer ?

It may be difficult to tell if your voice is good or not? when you are singing in the bathroom, car at work. and It’s difficult to put yourself in the test.

but you should build more singing skills, so that you are evaluated well and get good feedback from others.

so that you can continue to build your singing abilities. get good feedback from others.

always, try to ask yourself. I really want to become a singer?

And you may have a good voice, and wait for your many fans to hear it in the future.

you can know you have a good voice by learning to listen to yourself correctly or coach.

But if you are unable to go to a training center to learn the basics of singing.

it’s another way for you, to make a lot of effort to learn singing and improve yourself in singing a reliance on some educational programs, that will make you a good singer. and you need only follow a few simple steps to improve your voice :

Rate your voice:

There are a number of apps and websites with rangefinder tools that can help you to improve your singing voice and determine your natural range in a matter of minutes, and you can also find your vocal range by recording with app phone or software and listening to yourself as you sing , the app will then take the median frequencies of your voice to give you your general range. like that ……

Choose a song recorded your vocal range:

when knowing your range, look for a song that matches your voice type for you to record, Singing a cappella (without accompaniment) isn’t the best way to figure out if you have a good singing voice, so look for a song with a backing track or provide accompaniment for your tune.

Breathing and breathing control exercises for your voice:

you can improve the sound ability to sing by following the tone control exercises by starting sing with a single breath, low-volume and smoothness. and increase the sound to the high tone and Then gradually return to the original sound volume to low and soft.

Vocal sirens exercise to become a good singer:

This technique is practiced by many professional, can be practiced by beginners, Where the person is trained to sing repeatedly in order to produce the sound of the nose and To check this exercise correctly you can close the nose sometimes to make sure that the sound stops when you do it.


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