What do singers drink and eat before they sing?

What do singers drink and eat before they sing?

what’s the best food for your voice?

We know that singers always want to maintain their voice and improve it, train and evaluate it. So that the capacity develops and increases the possibilities up and down the musical ladder.

If you encounter any singer, whether opera or pop. they will give you a list of what they eat and what they try to avoid.

Here’s the compilation of what food is good for singing voice and what’s bad for your throat and some tips to improve it.

Good foods and bad foods for your voice:

  • Drinking water “non-cold,” it liquidates the sound.
  • Avoid all the things that lead to damage the voice , like a drinking cold water and ice, because it leads to the injury of the voice, so you should drink warm water and passerby , to keep the larynx maintain the safety , and keep away from drinking cigarettes , because they lead to inflammation and congestions in the throat and chest and it’s necessary to eat small amounts of milk and dairy products because it leads to being sputum in the chest and the throat, all these things lead to confusion of voice and purity.
  • Avoid soda and cola because they lead to a malfunction in the voice.
  • There are natural recipes that help you to improve your voice, one of the recipes is to drink a glass of carrot juice, add a little lemon juice, and eat it every morning before eating anything, it has benefits to improving and refining your voice.
  • Exercising, such as walking, training, and abdominal sports, have the benefits of energizing the body and improving your voice to sing better and learning comfortable.
  • You should train within your energy and abilities gradually until you grow-up and develop your voice step by step and sequentially.
  • You should listen to music that fits your voice because the hearing is important to grow experience and learning to improve your voice instantly.
  • Try breathing exercises.
  • Protein: foods like roast chicken or baked fish are good foods for the singing voice. because they are lean sources of protein, which is essential for having energy and feeling full for longer periods and to improve it

Tips to improve your voice

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